My experience being bisexual in Albany

I was very scared about coming out.  I didn’t know how people would react, so I stayed in the closet, because I was young, and at the time couldn’t explain my feelings.

I went to speak to a counsellor.  I told her I couldn’t explain these feelings i was having for other girls. I felt she was someone I could tell my biggest secret to, and nobody would find out, I was mistaken, the next day I was getting hate messages and weird looks, and people were just generally mean to me. I went and spoke to a couple of ” friends” who instantly dismissed me, yelling at me calling ne a dyke and telling me I was disgusting, I couldn’t cope, I hated myself for having these feelings, I tried to stop myself, but to no avail. I sunk into a bad depression, i used to cut myself, and I secluded myself from my friends, my family, everybody, until I moved to Albany.

The friends I made there helped me, picked me up, brushed me off and taught me that it was ok, my feelings are normal, and even that there were others like me out there, it really opened my eyes to the fact that i was not alone.

I have friends that are straight, gay, lesbian and bisexual, and I accept them for who they are as they accepted me. I just really want to thank you all, you know who you are.